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figgy puddings;

fine and dandy like sour candy

Figgy's Particular Creations
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G E N E R A L ;

the girl known as figgy.

she writes here.
A F F I L I A T E S ;
F A N F I C T I O N ;

rules about the fanfic;
♣ all fanfic ain't mine. disclaimers really give you no legal room to stand on, so i'm not bothering past saying it here.
♣ don't bitch about pairings. if you don't like one, write your own damn fic.
♣ all R fic and higher will be flocked. join the community and then you can see it. that's right, i'm blackmailing you for the porn.
I C O N S ;

rules about the icons;
♣ please credit. it's just polite, and we all know how.
♣ you hotlink, i change the picture to tubgirl. fair warning.
♣ feel free to request! i don't mind, but i can't promise i can make stuff without a base image, or get it exactly right. i'll try though!
♣ i totally take concrit, so feel free to tell me to change things.