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09 November 2005 @ 10:31 am
i am jack's angsty as fuck drabble  
Title: Midgar
Author: I really should stop even putting this here.
Warnings: It's Reno, so probably some cursing.

Reno stood in the rain, feeling his hair mat down over his forehead. He probably looked like a complete wreak, but only could vaugely begin to care. People at Shin-Ra were starting to actually worry about him.

For starters, he'd been working. Paperwork and all. Anything to keep going back to the same apartment alone every night.

It'd started simply enough. They'd gone to thank Strife for helping, in his own way. Personally Reno would lay bets on Rufus having an agenda of his own for the meeting, but it wasn't obvious to him yet. Reno knew he was just the hired muscle, and didn't usally let the boss's plans worry him too much. Only problem was, the meeting wasn't just with Strife.

Tifa Lockheart wasn't exactly a stranger to the Turks, so Reno couldn't tell anyone what had made things change like this. Rude had one hell of a stupid crush on her back in the day, but seeing as he'd shacked up with the Rookie, Reno figured he was over it by now. It wasn't even like Lockheart had changed much, although she wore her hair down around her shoulders, and her outfit really seemed to suit her better.

Maybe it was just that she smiled at him.

Whatever it was, Reno suddenly knew why Rufus put up with Scarlet, or why Rude put up with Rookie. There was something inside him that completely ached to see her again. To see that smile again. He almost thought about just walking up and asking her out. But she was Strife's girl and it was damn obvious.

That was a family, and Reno didn't have a place there.

At first, he tried to put her out of his mind. He drank more. Partied harder. Brought home nameless girl after girl and tried to forget.

It didn't work.

Next he'd taken to going to her bar. She smiled a lot there too. But it was at everyone. Reno felt just as empty as before, and it was almost worse because the more time he spent with her, the more he fell in love with her.

So he went to phase three. Working. The only real bonus to this was that he at least had caused Tseng to pop a vein trying to figure out what was going on. Heh.

Still though, she was the first thought on his mind in the morning, and last late at night.

And there he stood, just as he had every night. Under the lamp post on the corner of her street, the dimly lit entrance to her bar visible, the rain pounding on his shoulders.

Reno didn't know what he was waiting for. But until it came, he didn't have any choice but to do just that.

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