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09 November 2005 @ 10:18 am
i am jack's start to a very long fic perhaps  
Title: Final Fantasy X3
Author: Me. Duh.
Warnings: None yet, other than my craptacular writing style.
Summary: The story continues, because I say so, bitch.


Besaid never changed. Even in the days after the defeat of Sin, and later with the return of Tidus, the citizens almost fit the bill of yokel more than necessary, as if they were trying for some award to be the best backwater island they could be.

Silly, but also the only possible explaination to some outsiders.

But the truth was, the people of Besaid liked it this way. Blitz season would come and go, and there was always excitement about that. Since his return, Tidus had taken over as captain for the Aurochs and everyone looked forward with breathless anticipation to the year that they might finally bring home the cup.

But as for the continued unrest in the majority of Spira over who should lead the country? They couldn't be bothered. It rarely, if ever reached out as far as they were, and if it did it tended to be so watered down that you could easily ignore it. Which they did, often.

Then one day came that no one could ignore. The day that Lord Braska walked out on the south beach.
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