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26 July 2006 @ 11:18 am
world's end; preface  
Title; World's End
Warnings; None yet.
Summary; DMC spoilers, obviously. My version of the third movie that is too damned far away.

Convincing the former Commodore to help them had been no difficult task. He wanted, as Elizabeth had expected, to take down Beckett entirely, and few things worked better for plots of that nature than a
force of pure entropy.

And what other said chaotic being worked better than a pirate with a grudge?

So James Norrington would take the crew to World's End, and Elizabeth to her fate. She had no doubt what would wait her when she saw him. It did not matter how they hard parted; his taste on her lips as he conferred that title upon her.


The attraction, the admiration, none of it would matter when they brought him back. She had betrayed him.

Elizabeth knew how he treated those who had betrayed him.

James and Will were conferencing with Barbossa over a map, but she didn't care. She had to prepare herself. At World's End, she was certain to meet her own.


Jack, on the other hand, had no time for such melancholy thoughts. Instead, he was running from a three headed dog (although obviously not Cerebus, as he was merely a pup), and thinking about trying to get back to that pineapple tree he had passed a few miles back. Death really wasn't as relaxing as he had assumed it would be.

Still. When he got a moment, he thought of his own 'punishments' should his paths ever cross with Miss Swann again.

And that, dear Reader, is where our story begins.
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